Water Softener Installations in Denver

Serving Parker & Colorado Springs With Dependable Water Treatments

Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your water, restoring a healthier balance that leads to a number of immediately positive results. Ask our expert water softener team at Water Works for a water analysis and we can show you the current levels in your water, then honestly recommend the best option for your home.

Softer Water Produces Cleaner Homes

Our free residential water analysis tests the hardness of your water with a unit of measurement called GPG, or grains per gallon. The softest water often measures in at 1 GPG, while hard water can range from 60-200 GPG. The water softener system we then install will remove those hard molecules from your water.

Common signs that you have a hard water problem include:

  • Dry skin and hair
  • Spots on your dishes even after washing
  • Spots on your car when the sprinklers hit it
  • Clothes that just won’t come clean even after laundering
  • Soap film build-up in your shower, on the walls and on the doors

Request your free water analysis with our Denver water treatment team by calling one of our conveniently located offices today at:

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